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CHATHAM KIDS CLUB, INC. (CKC) is a not-for-profit school-age child care program incorporated in 2001 by a group of Chatham Central School District parents, who wished to create an alternative to babysitting or self-care for children residing in the Chatham Central School District or whose parents are employed by the Chatham Central School District. The continuous growth in enrollment since CKC began operation in the Spring of 2002 has confirmed our community’s need for year-round school-aged child care and the confidence our participants and their families have in our programs.

The primary goal of CKC is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable care for school-aged children residing in the Chatham Central School District. CKC seeks to offer a desirable alternative for parents who regularly need before and after school care for their children. Beyond providing adult supervision in a safe setting, CKC seeks, through its trained and caring staff, to develop children’s interests, social skills, self-confidence, and imagination. In addition, it offers a healthy outlet for children before and/or after school. Profit making is not a goal of the organization.


Barbara Seville

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Harry Armand Bach

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Nick O. Time

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Welcome to our summer program! Our summer began with many ocean activities and we had a great week.

Our younger group K-2 made an ocean diorama, sea foam with corn starch & dish soap, played in a dish basin with sea animals, made tissue paper fish, shark hats, stingray puppets and seahorses. For cooking activities they made a crab from apple halves and red grapes and made sea jello with juju fish in it.

Our 3-6 group, made a starfish mobile, 4th of July star, a windsock jelly fish from garbage bags, painted a box boat for the younger children to play in and particularly enjoyed playing the “manhunt game, making bandz necklaces and bracelets and riding their bikes.


Swimming & Field Trips
The bus leaves MED 12:15 and will be back at MED at 3:00pm.   At CKC on Mon. July 6th and Fri. July 10th, we will have theater with Emilia Teasdale an actor from PS 21 from 9-11:30 pm.  

At 2-3 on these days the children will participate in co-operative group games with a Fun and Fitness Program given by Catholic Charites.

Field Trip -Wed. July 8th to Berkshire Museum. Bus leaves 9:15 am. Bring a bag lunch. Bus returns to CKC at 1:00 pm.

Save the date- Aug. 12th at 1:00pm your child will be performing at PS 21, a culmination of the theater work they have done with actor, theater director Emilia Teasdale this summer at CKC.   Younger group will perform a play about penguins and the 3-6 group will perform skits they wrote with a focus on improvisation.


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