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Anime is a Japanese animation. If you didn't know that, then why are you on this site?

On this site you find summaries of popular anime, as well as the trailers and places to watch or read it (depending if it comes in manga form as well). If you don't know what anime you want to watch, but have a craving for a certain genre, then go to the directory where a list of genres is kept. If you, for any particular reason, want to know more about the history of anime, then click on the History tab.

Popular Today

The top three most popular 2015 anime today.

This page includes traliers, summaries, and palces to watch these animes.

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Here are facts about the beginnings of Japanese anime, including the first few to be created and the most influencial anime.

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Have an idea of what type of anime you want to watch but not an actual name of one?

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