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Immortal Warframes

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Immortal Warframes

There are up to 3 frames that can be made almost immortal and can survive nearly anything that is sent after them.

Three of the frames are Valkyr, Wukong and Trinity. They all have their own way to be temporarily immortal or able to survive for a really long.

Powerful weapons

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Overpowered Weapons

There are many weapons that do more damage than anything can handle, so they have no problem taking down strong enemies

Here's a list of the most powerful weapons available (Strongest at top) :


Boltor Prime

Sancti Tigris

Synoid Simulor

Rakta Cernos


Braton Prime


Glaive Prime

Best Builds

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Builds for Masters

Sometimes it takes more than gameplay skill to be able to have a good game, knowing how to upgrade gear properly can impact everything

Upgrading can be a bit of a challenge though since some upgrade units are difficult to get.

Submit a build and then we can go over it and then put it on this page for everyone to enjoy


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Skillful Shots

Seeing is believing, and with this game a lot is possible but not everyone will believe you. This is where you can find things within the game that were myths or thought to be impossible